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Wine Cork Decor

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I picked up these great carafes at BJ’s Wholesale when I did my BJ’s Hostess Gifts post back in November 2014.

They’re so much fun and I love them as decor, but I was trying to decide what to put in them. My friend suggested they would be a great way to store wine corks and they look so pretty!

I’ve got three of them so I’ve been leaving one in my wine cabinet to collect wine corks and as they fill, I relocate them to my mantle for decoration.

It’s a simple, beautiful, and affordable.

I don’t think BJ’s still has these, but I found this on Amazon if you want something similar… or you can search for vintage glass bottles on there. This is an affiliate link so if you purchase via these links, you help support my blog. Thank you!

Sharing is caring!