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Alternative Use for Kick and Play Piano

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Kick & Play Piano Upcycle

Alternative use for the Kick and Play Piano once your child outgrows it. This has been our solution for our kids getting along in the back of the car!

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This post is really only relevant for those who, like me, have a child who LOVES to kick their brother in the car. Loves, loves, loves. The boys’ car seats are right next to each other- it usually works well because they entertain each other, share snacks, throw garbage out for each other, and it’s easy to load them because I took out the end seat in our minivan.

The problem? At some point they thought it was funny to kick at each other- and then it stopped being funny. I’m convinced this is how all boy fights go after working at a high school for a while. 
So my oldest, G, will listen to instructions for the most part, but my 2 year old, K, just HAS to rest his foot on G’s seat while I’m driving. Or on his leg. Or on his chest (K is rear facing and G is forward facing). 
Then K giggles and G starts whining about K putting his foot on him. Half the time, K’s foot is actually where it belongs so I can’t just yell back at K. K won’t move his foot when it IS there and G gets mad. Maybe he smacks his brother. Sometimes if my husband is driving, I grab K’s foot to put it back where it belongs and hold it there- which makes K scream and cry. Anyhow it makes a drive very miserable.  Miserable. Did I mention miserable? Yeah. 
Coincidentally we were decluttering the toys and I had the Kick and Play piano in the back to donate. Can I just say- this is such a fun product?! For you know… Maybe 6 months. 
My husband had run into the store while I sat with kids in car and they started whining about the foot thing. So I grabbed the Kick and Play piano, used the ties on it to attach it to the seat in front of K, and then played silly kick the piano games with them until daddy returned. 
And we haven’t had any issues since. I think it’s nice and soft for him to put his feet against, and the kicking is slightly entertaining.
I have no idea why this was a miracle but the other day I realized they hadn’t screamed at each other in a while. Woot Woot.
Entertaining himself with the Kick and Play Piano

Sure I could’ve quickly pulled the car over, parked it, ripped the minivan door off, and roared in one or both kids’ faces, thereby scarring them forever into behaving while I drive. It definitely was something I considered. But how much sweeter to not give myself a headache screaming like a crazy person in a random parking lot!  

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