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The Smart Home Gift Guide

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The smart home gift guide. Smart home devices that you should add to your wish list!

Create a “smart home” with these gifts. We add a few smart home devices each year to help make life easier!

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Every year, I ask for a few “smart home” items for Christmas. I want to make things easier for myself and save electricity. My dad has the ULTIMATE smart home setup and it cost a LOT of money. We don’t have that kind of money to spend, but fortunately a lot of smart home items are getting more affordable! They’re a great investment to make!

Here’s some of my favorite products and some that are on my wish list. We tend to stick with devices on Nest or that are compatible with Alexa- it’s ideal to pick ONE platform so you can control it all from one app.

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Smart Home Devices

Giving a smart home device is giving the gift of convenience. Most of us can't afford to buy it all at once so each year we try to add a few items to our home that help make our home more ecofriendly, safer, or that make life easier. Here's some of my favorites and why you might love them!

The one thing I haven’t seen marketed as much is smart blinds… those would be super useful in some parts of my home, particularly windows that aren’t easily accessible (our master bath has a window over the bathtub that’s hard to reach).

Do you own any of these devices? Did I forget any of your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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Smart Home gift ideas for the person who loves new tech that will make their life easier! My top 18 choices for smart home devices.

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