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Sliding Glass Door: Baby Proofing

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Review of an item we used to baby proof our sliding glass doorIf you haven’t noticed, I really like to post about baby proofing… this is because our 2 year old has
some “special skills” when it comes to escaping and “hacking” baby proofing items. I’m always on the look out for things he can’t figure out. We’ve been struggling with this and spending way too much money trying to keep him out- or in. The outside doors with knobs are good (for now) because they’ve got a baby proofing knob cover that most of our guests can’t even figure out- if we ever had a fire, I’m pretty positive anyone who isn’t very familiar with our baby proofing would need to go for a window escape. Baby proofing win! Sort of.

Now G has been very interested in the sliding glass doors to our fenced backyard. One day he let himself out into the yard and then out the back gates… so now our back gates have locks on them. If it was nice out, I wouldn’t mind him going outside by himself too much now that the fence is secured, but it’s getting cold. His new trick is that he likes to lean out the sliding glass door, grab a bunch of snow with his bare hands, ball it up, and throw it (inside) for the dog. The other day I had snowballs melting all over my carpet. Time to baby proof that sliding glass door! Plus it’s cold. BRRR!

I picked a baby proofing item for our sliding glass door off Amazon, but it required drilling into the door itself. Daddy wasn’t too keen on that… after further investigation, I found this item that just sticks on the door:

No drilling required, phew. It seems like it will do the trick and it’s not so expensive that I mind terribly if it gets broken and I have to replace it.

UPDATE: The pin fell out of ours which made the door get stuck. Easy to flip it back up but we had to take this off. The package came with two so we’ve got to try reinstalling it. I believe one review on Amazon mentioned to install it upside down so you don’t have the same issue we did. 

how to baby proof a sliding glass door

Sharing is caring!