Sewing an Easy Spa Wrap

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How to make a spa wrap as an easy, affordable and useful gift for family and friends.I decided to make these spa wraps for my sister-in-laws for Christmas gifts (very late Christmas gift). They make useful gifts as it’s nice to not have to hold your towel up or try to fold it just right so it won’t fall down. I’m definitely going to need to make myself one of these soon too.

For the towels, I saw a deal from Kohl’s on the Big One® Solid Bath Towels and I ordered 16 towels (we needed some for house too). They ended up costing $3.40 each. They were perfect for this project- not too thick but big enough to wrap around. They ARE fuzzy so they’ll need a few washes before they stop leaking fuzz on us, but I’ve found that true of a lot of towels. Any big towel will do though- just make sure that it will wrap around your torso. If you get too thick of a towel it WILL be difficult to sew so thin towels are ideal.

How to make a spa wrap
First, wash your towels. These were definitely the “leaky” kind that get tidbits of colored fuzz on your forever so it might be worth running them through a few million times. 
Second, embellish as desired. I was making these for gifts so I decided to add names to two of them. Then I added a pocket as well. I did all of this last, but it would be easier to do before adding the elastic. 
Third, take the long edge of your towel and fold it down to create a casing for your elastic. Sew. Then take your elastic and feed it through the casing, making sure to sew it down on both ends. I wrapped the towel around myself to determine how long to make the elastic.

When I finished I looped the elastic and sewed it down. I used the elastic loop to go around the button that I sewed on after. You could use something more attractive. 

Here’s my button. Again, I wrapped this around myself to test where I wanted the button.

Here’s the other completed spa wraps. I love them! I did quit embroidering names because I realized they don’t show up very well and longer names (smaller lettering) were REALLY hard to see. The pockets are GREAT.

Sharing is caring!

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