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Quick and Easy Balloon Snow Fort

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How to build an awesome snow fort using balloons!I had this fun idea when I heard Maryland would be getting 6-10″ of snow… and I drove everyone
NUTS wishing for snow! Sorry friends, but when life hands you snow… you make fun SNOW FORTS. I LOVED snow forts as a kid. We spent so many hours outside digging them out and patting them down and hiding inside them. I was wayyyyyy excited to make one with my 3 year old son.

Obligatory Disclaimer: Snow forts can be dangerous if they collapse so please supervise your children and make sure the snow fort is safe. There are lots of options if you want to try to make it safer… for example, you can dig the hole from the top instead of the side. This would allow you to make a great hiding spot for snowball fights. Definitely making two of these next storm, across from each other, and having a massive snowball fight.

This tutorial uses balloons to reduce the amount of work involved in building a snow fort. Essentially, the snow falls around the balloons and you build the fort around it. When it’s packed in tight, you can dig an entrance, pop the balloons, and have an instant fort.

Supplies (affiliate links below):

  • Balloons (20+)
  • Snow Shovel
  • Something to pop your balloons with
  • An old sheet or fabric that you don’t mind getting wet/snowy
  • Snow clothes!

Here’s a video with instructions (captions) for how to make your own! I’m a total amateur for putting videos together, but I hope you enjoy my video anyways!



  1. Blow up balloons (I believe helium won’t work, we blew them up the hard way) and have a balloon party!
  2. Tie balloons together
  3. Place outside, covered with an old sheet
  4. Let it snow!
  5. Pile more snow on top!
  6. Pat down.
  7. Dig a cave entrance
  8. Pop balloons
  9. Pull out balloons and sheet.
  10. Pat down the inside and entrance.
  11. Check for safety!
  12. Enjoy with supervision!

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Sharing is caring!

Diane Cransac

Friday 6th of March 2015

What a smart idea! When we were kids we used to build snow forts, as much to stay out of the wind when waiting for the bus than anything LOL