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13+ Great Gift Ideas for Minecraft Fans

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Minecraft Gift Guide

Know a Minecraft fan? Check out these great gift ideas for Minecraft players!

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Do you know anyone who loves Minecraft? My son is realllllly into the game so this year I decided to put together a gift guide for Minecraft fans. These are all of the cool Minecraft gifts that I’ve seen on Amazon or that he’s asked for.

1. Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator: This is SUCH a cool idea. My son would have so much fun with this.

2. Minecraft Legos: There are so many sets of these and they’re definitely on my son’s wishlist!
3. Minecraft Clothing: My son loves his Minecraft shirts… and much to my dismay, will fish through alllll of his neatly folded shirts to find them. 
4. Minecraft Toys: Still debating if I want to open the can of worms that comes with purchasing toy weapons for kids, but my son loves these.
5. Minecraft Phone Supplies: Chargers, cases and more make fun and useful gifts.
6. Minecraft Hotwheel Toys: My kids would lose their minds over this. They adore hotwheels and Minecraft so the combination would be swoon worthy. 
7. Minecraft Necklace: Because Minecraft isn’t just for boys (and neither are necklaces).

8. Stuffed Toys: Someone you know love Minecraft AND stuffed toys? This one’s for them.
9. Minecraft Mug: Because having your own special mug is perfection. 
10. A Wallet: Even kids love wallets!
11. Tooth Brushing Kit: Maybe tooth brushing could be more exciting for kids if their favorite game is featured on their brush? 
12. Minecraft Books: Get your child reading by giving them books that they’re interested in! 
13. Minecraft Backpack: Get new school supplies for January. My son LOVES his Minecraft backpack. 

My son is walking behind me as I’m writing this post and going “Oh put that on my Christmas list! Oh! That one too! Oh yeah that too!” Hah. 

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    13+ Great Gift Ideas for Minecraft Fans!

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    Monday 14th of November 2016

    Thank you so much for sharing this! My kids LOVE Minecraft. My son has even talked about how he's going to create his own mods when he grows up (he's 7). I actually just wrote about playing Minecraft with my kids. It's one of those fun things we love to do together. I see a few things I'm going to be adding to their Christmas list. Thank you so much for sharing!


    Monday 14th of November 2016

    That's awesome that you play with your kids. My husband plays with my son... I never really "got" Minecraft. But I play Overwatch with him (cough, probably not age appropriate but he loves it). I can't wait until the boys are a bit older so they can play multiplayer on MMORPGs with us. :)