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How to Embed a Scheduled YouTube Video in Your Scheduled Blog Post

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How to embed scheduled YouTube videos

Embedding YouTube videos into a blog post is easy. But what do you do when you schedule the YouTube video and you aren’t given an embed code? Here’s the simple and quick trick. 

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I’ve been working on my 30 day video and blog series for September and realized that once I schedule the video, I am not given the embed code like I would for a normal post. So scheduling my post out isn’t possible, unless I MAKE SURE to remember to go back to add the code on the published date.

So I looked around for a solution to this problem. And here’s how you can do it….

Normal YouTube Embedding 

Normally, you’d go to your video in the Video Manager screen, then to Videos. You could click “Share.” 

Clicking "Share"
The embed option pops up. Select it.
The embed code for your YouTube video is here.
See that code snippet? You copy and paste that into your website html… wherever you want the video to show up.

Simple right? But scheduled YouTube videos don’t give you an embed code.

Embedding a Scheduled YouTube Video in Your Post

The trick to embedding a scheduled YouTube video is to grab the html code from an already live video. See the ““? Delete the part I crossed out. Go to your scheduled post and look at your video information on the right side.  Copy the weird letters that I highlighted in the photo below. Paste it where the OZPMltQhUfs was. 

Grab the code for your scheduled video.
Now all that code will be copy and pasted into your post, per usual. 

Fixed embedded scheduled YouTube video in blog post.
It should show up now! Hope this helps someone! I flipped over to view my blog post (which will also be scheduled) and the video pops right up!

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DIY Scheduling YouTube Videos and Embedding Them
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