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How to Clean a Stroller: Deep Cleaning a Pram

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How to clean a stroller. How to freshen up an older stroller, or clean a stroller that has had food, vomit, or other yuck on it.

We’ve been storing an umbrella stroller and a jogging stroller for a while now. The LAST time we got rid of baby gear, I fell surprise pregnant a month later. So it seemed prudent to just store these until my ovaries stopped working or until the strollers decomposed. All jokes aside, we know we’re not having any more babies now (or it’s improbable), so when my friend mentioned needing a stroller, I decided to clean these up for her.

Today’s I’m going to show you how I cleaned both our Jeep Jogging Stroller and our cheaper, Chicco umbrella stroller. Both were fairly easy and taking them apart was likely overkill… but I decided to be extra thorough in the interest of a thorough tutorial.

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Here’s the thing: Not all strollers are the same difficulty level to clean. I imagine the fancy ones might be easier to clean, but who knows… I can’t afford a $1000 stroller so I never even considered them.

That said, the strollers need to be sturdy enough to safely hold your baby so there’s probably going to be some parts that require unscrewing sections for a full deep clean. HOPEFULLY you’ll never need to worry about anything that intense. Usually you can vacuum and wipe clean with a wet washcloth and some soapy water for normal messes.

How to Clean a Stroller

Stroller Cleaning Mix: I made a mild cleaner by mixing some Blue Dawn and water. You don’t want it too soapy or it will be hard to rinse.

Cleaning the stroller without taking it apart: If your stroller isn’t terribly dirty, you can vacuum it, then use a rag with cleaning mix to wipe it down. Do NOT soak your stroller, particularly in any areas where there are electronics or thick cardboard. The seat of our stroller and the back both had a thick cardboard-type material to support the baby. I assume soaking it with water will damage the stroller. This is why I would AVOID using something like a hose or pressure washer to clean a stroller.

Taking the stroller apart: For plastic pieces of your stroller, you may discover that they easily detach for cleaning. Our stroller’s cup and snack holder came off very quickly and easily.

For deep cleaning, you’ll want to take the whole stroller apart. Honestly, it’s a bit “easier” to clean when disassembled… unfortunately that process is slow. You will need a screwdriver if you plan to take the stroller apart. I recommend taking photos of how it goes together so you can remember how to reassemble it all.

2 strollers next to each other in preparation for deep cleaning

Old jogging stroller and umbrella stroller that I am cleaning today.

1 Use a shop vac to clean out any debris

taking apart stroller for deep cleaning

2. Remove any pieces that detach.

3. Soak fabric-only pieces and rinse.

removing plastic parts of stroller for cleaning

4. Soak and rinse plastic only pieces.

5. Wipe down any fabric with cardboard backing.

putting stroller back together after cleaning and drying stroller

Some strollers have a way to remove the cardboard insert. This makes it a lot easier to wash the fabric

6. Let everything dry completely.

putting stroller back together and picture of spray cleaner

7. Put it all back together once dry.

You can also use a hand steam cleaner to sanitize your stroller. Be careful how much moisture and heat you expose the cardboard/electronics to.

Here’s the video if you prefer video format.

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How to clean a stroller: Tips for deep cleaning your stroller and sanitizing it.
an a stroller
how to clean a stroller pin image with text overlay
Yield: 1 Clean Stroller

How to Clean a Stroller: Deep Cleaning a Pram

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Active Time: 40 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

Stollers can get so dirty. With 3 kids I've learned a few things about how to deep clean a stroller. I'm passing those tips on to you!


  • Blue Dawn
  • Water
  • Plastic Bucket
  • Old Rags


  • Shop Vac


  1. Use a shop vac to clean any debris. T
  2. Take the stroller apart and place any plastic pieces in the bucket of cleaner to soak.
  3. Soak any fabric pieces and rinse.
  4. Wipe down any fabric with cardboard backing.
  5. Let it dry.
  6. Put everything back together.

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