DIY Box Spring

How to build your own box spring from a kit in 30 minutes or less! This is a great way to save money instead of spending a lot of money on a boxspring.

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DIY Chair Arm Covers

Cats happen. Yes, this IS another blog about the destructive powers of my cats. My mom hasn’t mentioned that they are destroying everything in her home so apparently the big house agrees with them more than the two bedroom condo did. Or maybe my aunt (who lives with my mom) just chases them away from … Read more

Repairing Scratched Leather on a Couch

Hand Sewn by Daddy B How to repair scratched leather. Our poor poor couch. I have been trying to convince Daddy B that we need a new couch because I am so tired of the microfiber. I’ve had it professionally steam cleaned a couple of times which is expensive and it seems like the next … Read more

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