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How to Hang a Heavy Mirror

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How to hang a heavy mirror or frame safely and easily.
I found this GREAT mirror- a $10 garage sale find! I love it! I want to stand in front of it and repeat “mirror mirror on the wall… Who’s the most fantastic deal finder of them all?!” Yes, it’s that cool.

It’s been sitting on the floor for a week though so Baby G has been sticking his nose on it and carrying it around so it was time to take a few moments to hang it.

Daddy B wanted to make sure of two things:
1. That however we hung it, it could hold up this rather heavy mirror.
2. That the mirror wouldn’t stick out too far from the wall due to how we hung it.

So to hang it, he drilled a hole for two wall anchors, right next to each other. He pushed the two wall anchors in. Then he used a screw and washer for each wall anchor. The mirror hangs off the washers which keeps the mirror closer to the wall than if he’d tried to hang it with a different type of hanger. I think it works really well, it’s affordable, and it seems to do the trick.

My entry wall still looks pretty empty until I find the perfect entry table, but at least I have my
mirror now! 

Sharing is caring!