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Front Entry: Table Optional

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We had a table in our entryway before, but it was slightly too big and everything I was seeing wasn’t quite the right fit. I didn’t want the door unable to open to a 90 degree angle. 
What I decided was to get a shelf and some brackets to make a “table” under our mirror in the hall.
  • Shelf (72″): $12
  • Brackets: 2 for $10, 2 sets was $20 total

                          Total spent: $32

Here’s a before picture with the shelf laying on top of the table. I can’t seem to find the picture of the table in the entry by itself. Baby G is “helping” by putting his picture up on it.

Here’s the table upstairs in our room. Daddy B is going to use it to do homework upstairs when he’s home and Baby G is trying to get his undivided attention. We tried this for the first time and it worked VERY well.

What I would like to do eventually is get a second shelf and set of brackets to put underneath it. Then I can put baskets in between the two for small items like gloves, mittens, etc. If I do that, I’ll definitely be updating the blog to show it, but at this point I can’t quite visualize it so I haven’t followed through. I want to make sure it will work first.

Sharing is caring!