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Fall Porch Decor 2015

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Setting up our fall decorations for 2015.

Decorating my porch in 2015 for Halloween and Fall.

Ahhh it’s FALL! Well. Almost. I’m so excited. I don’t love the cold winter, but I really enjoy Fall and the whole holiday season. I particularly love dressing up so yay, Halloween.

I’m not one for decorating, but my mom setup my porch so nicely last year so I had an idea what to do this year. I took out all of my Halloween and Fall decor and laid it out for my front porch. We don’t have much for decorations so I used about 95% of them for the porch.

It’s not a lot different from what she did last year, but I did need to make some changes as the wind down our street knocked out some of our decorations- like the spider webs- last year.


I had an empty planter that I decided to use. It was my lemon tree failure. Eek. It was full of dirt so it worked to stick my scarecrow in. I played around with my spare leaves and finally put my extra Fall wreath in it… it fit perfect. I replaced my scarecrow, then added the leaves back to fix it up more. I added a little light up pumpkin. Ta-da!

Using an empty planter to make porch decor.
Using an empty planter to make porch decor.
Using a wreath to decorate an empty planter to make Fall porch decor.
I added a wreath, then a pumpkin and my scarecrow to this old planter.
My Fall Welcome sign on my door.

Here’s my very pretty sign for my front door.

And here’s my front porch all setup…

Scarecrow and wreath setup with an old planter for my Fall front porch.
My front porch Fall and Halloween decorations for 2015.
Skeleton seated in our chair for Halloween decor.
Skeleton seated in our chair for Halloween decor (lights on at night)

Oh and my skeleton! I picked this up at the store on sale, plopped him into my chair, and wrapped him up with pumpkin lights. He’s so pretty at night!

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Sharing is caring!


Monday 21st of September 2015

Love the skeleton with all the pumpkin lights