Copycat Rum Chata

Homemade rumchata recipe.

How to make Copycat RumChata.
Initially when I wrote this post, I tweaked a recipe for Copycat Rum Chata from The Semi Sweet Sisters. It was good, but thinner than regular Rum Chata. For the past couple of years, I’ve been meaning to do some more adjustments to the recipe to have it be closer to the original product and I think I might have managed it this time.

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Rum Chata Pudding Popsicles

I love Rum Chata… it is a liquor that is really smooth and has a lower alcohol content so it’s not as harsh as drinking other types of liquor. It’s great by itself or in recipes. It’s similar to a Kahlua in that it tastes milky. You could probably substitute Kahlua if that’s more to … Read more

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