How to Make a Learn to Sew Kit for Young Children

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DIY Learn to Sew Kit for Young Children

How to make an easy learn to sew kit for young kids. These needles are safe and easy for them to use with burlap in a plastic embroidery hoop.

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When we attended church on Christmas, they offered embroidery hoops with plastic needles for the kids to “sew” with during service. It was such a neat idea and I decided to replicate it at home. My son, 5, loves to sew and it was the perfect item to keep him entertained in the car or while watching television. It is fun to have him sew next to me while I hand sew.

The best part is that this is reusable. We remove the stitches and let them start over once they’re done. I made two, one for each of my boys. They both have fun with it. Note that we do supervise the boys when they use this toy.

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  • Burlap
  • Embroidery thread or yarn
  • Children’s Plastic Needles
  • Serger to finish edges of burlap (or alternatively, just let it fray or use fray check)
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery Hoops: I went with some plastic ones that I had hanging around and I like that they come in so many pretty colors. Plus they’ll likely be more durable and less likely to break/splinter with rough kids.

Supplies include plastic needles for children, plastic embroidery hoops and embroidery thread.

Start out by cutting your burlap larger than your hoops.

Cut your burlap to size.

Ideally, you should finish the edges of the burlap. You may be able to get away with not doing it, but I would worry about fraying, depending on the durability of the burlap you use. My burlap was reallllllly fraying a lot so I serged the edges.

Once done, you can place your burlap in the hoop and tighten it all.

Optional: Serge the edges of your burlap so it won't fray.
Thread your plastic needles with coordinating embroidery thread or yarn. You can let the kids do their own thing or you can use a piece of chalk to draw a shape for them to sew along. This is great practice for detailed sewing, as well as for practicing letters, words, numbers, etc.
Optional: Give the children a chalk line to sew along.

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DIY Reusable Learn to Sew Kit for Kids

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