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Easy DIY Bunk Bed Shelf

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Bunk Shelf with a book in it.

This easy DIY bunk bed shelf was put together in about an hour, not counting drying time for the paint.

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My kids absolutely adore reading in their IKEA loft bunk beds. They each have their own loft and we appreciate the space under the loft for storage space. But let’s be clear here- bunk beds or loft beds, they’re a pain to clean and change bedding on.

My main issue with cleaning their bed sheets is that they love to leave their Alexa device and about a thousand books in their bed. ARGHH!

loads of books in my son's bunk bed

So I decided to put together these quick bookshelves for the bunks using this Ana White woodworking plan. You can get the supply list, wood cuts, and more on her site.

Here’s the wood all cut for the project….

Wood cut for the bookshelf.

First part of the plan was to attach the sides and two shelves.

Two shelves with the sides and shelves attached.

I added two braces in the back next.

Back braces added to the shelf.

Next I added the front pieces using wood glue and finishing nails.

Added front pieces to the shelf with glue and finishing nails.

I used gray spray paint on these because I wanted them to dry FAST.

Painting the shelves.

Last, I added some vinyl but I think I’ll eventually remove it and use paint and stencils to make them look nicer. Maybe. I really just wanted these up ASAP so I wouldn’t get hit with books every time I pulled the sheets off.

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easy DIY bunk bed bookshelf for kids.

Sharing is caring!