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Chicken Salsa Taco Dinner

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How to make homemade tortillas and a chicken salsa taco dinnerI’m really excited to have my own recipe to share, although it isn’t really anything super crazy or fancy.

But it tasted GREAT.

Chicken Salsa TacosFor the chicken, I put four chicken breasts in the crockpot, along with about half a container of my Kirland Salsa that I love, I added 2 tbsp of DIY taco/chili seasoning using this recipe. I added a tiny bit of water (approx 1/4 a cup), but I think I could’ve skipped that. I cooked it all in the crockpot on high for 3 hours. I think it was ready in about 2 hours, and I just shredded it with a couple forks.

Homemade Tortillas
I always buy the tortillas from the grocery store, but I only had four and we were having another snowstorm so I wasn’t able to just run out. I found this recipe to make my own tortillas and I had all of the ingredients- although I used unsalted butter instead of lard because that’s all I had. As you can tell, most of my cooking revolves around missing ingredients. Ha.  
These are some pictures of my process. I’ve never used my food processor for bread so I was excited to see how easy it was. 

making tortillas from scratch

Final Product

I love my husband, but he’s not overly generous on the compliments unless I ask. He took a bite while I was still getting mine and stopped “Wow.” Yeah… totally “wow”… the tortillas really made a huge difference. Whenever I cut out all the prepackaged items with all the crazy ingredients, I find that I LOVE the results.

recipe for chicken salsa taco dinner with homemade tortillas       

And for a chuckle, here’s G helping me make tortillas… he was SUCH a pro after he did a couple. 

Sharing is caring!