Kitchen Fun and Bowl Covers

Blog Transfer #7: Kitchen Fun and Bowl Covers Upcycling Boxes and Jars I’ve gotten creative in my kitchen recently with different ideas I’ve gotten from Pinterest. My husband seems to enjoy the results. The other day he came in and said, “I bet you can’t find a diy project to do with the piece that … Read more

Small January Projects

Blog Transfer #6: Some Small January Projects This was my last batch post (until I posted all of these blog transfers!). Just to explain, I’d been working on my blog for months, but hadn’t uploaded them all yet. I was trying to put them together through iWeb, but unfortunately with the upgrade to Lion OS … Read more

Car Seat Piddle Pad

Blog Transfer #3: Car Seat Piddle PadPost may contain affiliate links. Using these links helps support my blog. Thank you! I have a fussy baby… I love him and he’s perfect, but he doesn’t sleep during the day. Which makes him fussy. The good thing is that he’s an AWESOME sleeper at night. Needless to … Read more

And from the beginning now…

Blog Transfer #1: January 22, 2012 One thing that I’ve discovered this pregnancy is that I can sew! I got to about 30 weeks along and decided that it’d be ‘fun’ to learn to make my own cloth baby wipes for the baby, instead of buying them. Simple project. I pulled out the sewing machine … Read more

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