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Sewing Phone App: Sew Organized

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Information on a sewing phone app called Sew Organized. 

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I’ve been yearning to get more organized with my sewing. My sewing room needs organization, but I also just am tired of feeling like I have 100 tabs open on my web browser and 1000 in my brain. I wanted a way to organize it all.

While there are plenty of organization phone apps, I wanted something exclusive to sewing. Something that asked me to record the information that sewists need.

My husband is a programmer so I asked him to write me an app. This has taken hours of our time, invested in designing everything from the code to the graphics to an advertising plan. I’m so excited.

It’s everything I ever wanted. While we’re still in the last part of coding the app, we’ll soon be able to have people test the app, then we’ll release it on iOS and Android devices once it’s ready.

But today I just wanted to give you a little tour of our app and show it off a little!

Organizing Fabric on the Sewing Phone App

The app will allow you to organize your fabric on the app, using photos, yardage, and information on where you purchased it. Add notes about what project you want to use it for and keep track of the wash instructions. 

Planning Projects in Sew Organized 

The other purpose for the app is to plan projects easily. You can make notes and draw up sketches to store on the app until you’re ready to sew. I particularly like the ability to save a link so I can keep my inspiration post handy until I need to follow the tutorial.

Sneak Peak Screenshots of the Sewing App and Ads for It

Here’s a quick Facebook ad for the app. It shows the fabric portion of the app.

You’ll want to make sure you subscribe to get more information when it releases. You can also check out the landing page for the app here:

Here’s the Pinterest pin for the app. Pin it by clicking the image or:

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