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How to Make Lemon Extract

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Easy DIY Lemon Extract

Making lemon extract is an easy DIY with very few ingredients. Learn how here. 

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A Cabin Full of Food by Marie Beausoleil My friend Marie wrote this fabulous simple cooking cookbook, A Cabin Full of Food. I decided to check it out as my monthly free book through Amazon Prime. I got a few chapters into it and decided to purchase it because cookbooks are hard to consult via electronics.  If she had only had one or two
recipes that I liked, I would have just copied them onto a recipe card, but this book was packed full of recipes and useful tips about using food from our garden. Not only that, but she had a lot of recipes that looked like they would make awesome gifts. And I’m always looking for fun gift ideas to put up on the blog.

The recipe that stuck out to me the most was her lemon extract recipe. I LOVE making extracts. I wrote about her Vanilla Extract recipe as a guest on her blog.

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  • Vodka
  • Funnel
  • Lemons (organic preferably but wash them thoroughly regardless)
  • Glass containers (I used these 4oz ones)… you could possibly upcycle a glass container for this project. 
  • Label maker
  • A Cabin Full of Food


This is a super easy project. Wash and dry your bottles. Wash your lemons VERY well, particularly if you aren’t using organic lemons.

You can remove the guts of the lemon and put them aside for cooking. It’s nice not to waste them.

You need to take the lemon peels and peel off the white stuff inside it. The white stuff peels off easier if you use a cheese grater.

Squeeze your peels into the bottle. Pour some vodka inside using your funnel. Then close your bottle and shake. I kept it in my cabinets and tried to shake it every now and then over the following weeks.

Oh- and add your label!

Lemon extract is easy to make! Try it!
DIY Lemon Extract
Interested in homesteading? Home schooling? Living sustainably? Marie’s blog, Just Plain Marie, is a great resource. She lives in far, far away from a city in Canada with *no refrigerator.* All of their home’s power is solar power- so no sun? No power. She cooks on a wood stove. She cans her food. It’s so interesting to read about her journey. 

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