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How to Install a Cat Door: Shed Siding Installation

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Installing a cat door in a shed is a simple, DIY-friendly project! With these easy-to-follow steps, you can provide your feline friend with easy access to the shed and ensure their comfort. Learn how to install a cat door with this helpful guide and tutorial video.

It’s easier than you might think to install a cat door in a shed! You can also install them in most other interior or exterior walls. I bought an inexpensive cat door kit at Home Depot and installed it using a few basic tools like a drill, screwdriver, level, and saw. It only takes a few minutes!

I installed two of these cat doors in my shed to let rabbits and guinea pigs in from their outdoor cages, but you can also install a cat door for cats (of course) or very small dogs.

Follow along with the tutorial video as I install a cat door in my shed for my guinea pigs and rabbits or check out some of my other DIY projects here.

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Prior to the arrival of the shed, I moved my outdoor runs (Omlet Outdoor Guinea Pig Run and Outdoor Rabbit Runs) so they were far enough apart for the shed to fit. I attempted to level the space, but this was difficult with frozen ground.

Two Omlet outdoor pet runs with a big gap left in the middle for a shed.

The shed company was able to back the shed up and place it directly next to the rabbit outdoor run, allowing me to later place the guinea pig run in the spot on the left side. The guinea pigs were temporarily housed in the rabbit run with a divider down the middle to keep the rabbits and guinea pigs separate.

They were also super awesome and helped level the shed using the cheap pavers that I keep in my garden.

A beige shed with two windows, white doors, and white shutters inside a fenced-in yard. Outdoor Omlet runs are flush against the right side.

Once the shed was level and the outdoor runs were placed, I was able to focus on installing the cat doors on either side of the shed to allow the guinea pigs and rabbits to enter the shed whenever they wish.

How to Install a Cat Door in a Shed



Step 1: Measure your space. You’ll need to measure from the inside and outside of the shed to make sure the opening lets out where you want it to let out. Be sure to leave extra room on either side to install the actual door!

Step 2: Mark your placement using the template provided with the cat door kit. Use the level to make sure the door is perfectly perpendicular to the ground, then trace around the edge of the square.

Step 3: Drill a hole through the middle or corners of the marked space.

Step 4: Use a hand saw or reciprocating saw to cut out the traced square, starting from the center or corner holes you just drilled.

A view of a small hand saw with a wooden handle cutting a square in the insulation for the cat door.

Stay inside the lines you traced–you can always make the hole bigger later!

A reciprocating saw cutting a square for the cat door through the shed’s interior insulation.

Step 5: Dry fit your cat flap. If it doesn’t fit, adjust! Trim the edges a little more if you need to so the door frame fits snugly in the opening.

The square cut out for the cat door, letting out into the outdoor guinea pig and rabbit pen.

Step 6: Attach the exterior piece of the cat door. Line up the screws with the holes on the interior piece and use a screwdriver to tighten them. At this point, you may need to shave off bits of siding to make the door frame fit flush to the wall.

Step 7: Caulk around the frame to seal it to keep water from seeping in through the sides!

The rabbit pen inside of the shed, occupied by a black rabbit and a tan-and-black rabbit on a bed of pine shavings. There is a small cat door for them to leave the shed to their protected run.
A view of the installed cat door kit from the outside of the shed.

Video Tutorial

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An interior view of the cat door installed inside of the shed.  Text says "How to install a cat door."

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