Absorbent Table Runner

How to sew an absorbent table runner. This post may contain affiliate links. Using these links helps support my blog. Thank you! So this ended up being something completely different than I intended. This was SUPPOSED to be an absorbent pad for under our dog’s bowl. But then I finished it and decided it was … Read more

Easy Bath Decor: Using Scrap Fabric and Wood

How to make easy, affordable, and fast bathroom decorations… this is a scrap buster- for both wood and fabric! When I updated our bathroom and put shelves in for storage, I realized I needed some decor to make it look welcoming. There’s nothing quite like a pretty, well put together room! This project is a … Read more

Light Up a Vase with LED Micro Lights

How to use LED micro lights to create a beautiful vase display.  I received these micro lights free in exchange for an honest review on Amazon, but they were so much fun that I wanted to share my project on here too. I’m sure I’ll come up with a few other projects (I have four … Read more

Palm Leaf Basket: A New Look

We went to Jamaica last year… I wrote a couple blog posts about the experience: Traveling to Jamaica with Children and Our Free Vacation Nanny at FDR Resort. The hotel did a pretty good job of keeping vendors off site, but one guy came by during our stay and was selling palm leaf baskets. I’m … Read more

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