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DIY Board Book of Favorite Things & People

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Create your own custom board books.

How to make a favorite things board book for your child. Teach your child new words using this! You can tweak this and make a custom board book for whatever your needs.

To help Baby G be more interested in books and reading, as well as to teach him some new words, the person from the program Baby G is in suggested we make a book of photos of HIS toys because he might be more interested in it than in the books of items that he’s never seen.

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Cost: $10.45 (I already had a brush and mod podge)

I took photos of some of his favorite toys, printed out a bunch ($3.50 or so at the store), bought a blank board book, and cut out the pictures so they fit nice. Take the photos against a blank background such as the carpet or a plain wall. For mine, I cut out just the object so you don’t see anything else distracting in the photo. You want them to know what they’re pointing to when you say “That’s a block!” etc.

I used mod podge to glue the photos on, using an additional layer of mod podge over the photos/page when I was done. I think mod podging over the pages made the book a bit bulkier (it seemed to expand) so I’d skip that step next time.

Here’s the final product (some of the pages hadn’t been mod podged over yet):

DIY Board Book
He was so happy to go through his book and VERY excited to see things that he recognized, especially his doggies. I may have to make a few more of these at some point, but right now this book has most of his favorite items in it.

If you have a toddler, make sure to read this post about how to anchor your furniture! It’s important to anchor furniture to prevent it from tipping if your kids are climbers like mine!

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Elisabeth (Beth)

Monday 4th of March 2013

What about a book of his favorite people? Or his relatives? Or places he likes to go? It's great he likes his book, nice job! :-)