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DIY Training Undies

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Upgrading Gerber training underwear

Baby G isn’t ready for these yet, but my mom’s neighbor has been really helpful and sent us a lot of hand me down clothes for Baby G, as well as sending over toys to borrow when we go to Texas to visit my mom. Her grandson is about to start potty training so I decided I’d make them a few pairs of training undies for Christmas.

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This tutorial goes into detail on how to upgrade some inexpensive Gerber training undies into a more absorbent and waterproof option. Unlike real cloth diapers, they won’t have a “stay dry” interior so it will be more uncomfortable if they do get wet, but it should be waterproof enough to prevent major spills. They’re also washable so they’re better for the environment! AND the best part is that they’re way faster, cheaper, and easier to make that normal cloth diapers because you can just upcycle Gerber training undies. Those undies were $7.64 for a 3 pack at Walmart. You can find similar underwear on at this link (they have more options for colors).
I used slightly different fabric as an alternative to the flannel because I didn’t have white flannel. I used four layers of Birdseye fabric (typical diaper fabric that has some absorbency). I did the first pair the same as her tutorial, then for the last two pairs I sewed the Pul and Birdseye on at the same time, both to the outside (Pul on the very outside with the four layers of Birdseye between it and the undies). I liked the soft cotton inner better against the baby’s skin. Plus it was easier and quicker.
Here’s my 5 layers being added to the outside of the undies.
If you want to tweak these at all, I think elongating the Pul/Birdseye in the front would be excellent for boys. When you diaper a boy you point it down, but I’m sure that little boys aren’t as careful about which way they’re pointing when they pull up their undies. I’m not positive, but I’m just guessing that a little extra absorbency in the boy “wet zone” wouldn’t hurt.

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