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DIY Sachets with Lavender from Your Garden

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How to make easy DIY sachets with lavender from your garden. These are a fantastic way to keep clothes smelling fresh, and make great gifts!

Last year, I decided to harvest my lavender plant for the first time. While I’ve grown lavender before, I enjoyed it in the garden- not in my home. As I delve further into homesteading and gardening, I have grown more interested in how to use what I grow. It cuts down on waste and it is a challenge to find new and creative uses for items.

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If you’re making these with lavender from your garden, rather than buying dried lavender, make sure to check out my tutorial on how to dry lavender. I used dried lavender leaves rather than dried flowers; they work and it’s a great way to use the “whole” plant (don’t cut the woody part of the stem).

What are Sachets?

Sachets are simply small bags that are filled with scented herbs, such as lavender. They can be used in drawers or closets to help keep clothing smelling fresh and to ward off insects.

You can use them in:

  • Closets
  • Drawers with linens, underwear, and socks
  • Suitcases
  • Packed boxes
  • Bins of stored fabric (if you sew like I do)
  • Cupboards

My kids and I both like to keep these lavender sachets beside our computers and scrunch them up to sniff occasionally. While the lavender is reported to have calming effects, we do it simply because we love the smell.

How to Make DIY Sachets

Here’s how to make your own sachets. I added iron on vinyl with short inspirational sayings to the top of mine. These are PERFECT for gifts (and I should have made 5x as many).


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How to use lavender from your garden for DIY sachets.

  1. Harvest & dry your lavender. Here’s a tutorial on how to dry lavender. I love growing lavender because it’s such a useful herb to use for crafts and projects like this!

2. While your lavender is drying, start making your sachets. Cut (2) pieces of cotton fabric per sachet.

3. Optional: Apply Iron On Vinyl. This is a great way to add a short inspirational quote or another type of label to your sachets.

Squares of fabric cut to make sachets. In the right photo, I'm adding inspirational quotes to the front of each sachet.

4. Face (2) squares right sides together. Pin.

5. Sew around, leaving 1″ gap.

Sewing fabric squares right sides together to make sachets. Leave a small area to turn right sides out.

6. Turn right sides out.

7. Press. Either press the other side or use a piece of fabric over the iron on vinyl to prevent it from melting.

Empty handmade sachets before being filled with lavender.

8. Once dry, place your lavender in a baggie. Compress air out of the bag and shake/crunch bag to break apart lavender.

9. Use a funnel to fill the sachet with dried lavender. Fill 1/4-1/2 full. You can also use tweezers.

Smooshing dried lavender in a bag, then using a funnel to transfer the dried lavender into the empty sachets.

10. Top stitch bag to close up the gap.

Sewing the custom sachets closed.

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Handmade lavender sachets made with scrap fabric and lavender from my garden.
How to make sachets: Use dried lavender from your garden to make these easy to sew sachets with scrap fabric.

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