DIY Low Calorie Orange Juice

I used to drink a lot of OJ, maybe about 2-4 glasses a day. When I was pregnant with Baby G and he started measuring big, I wasn’t sure what I needed to cut because I was eating pretty healthy. My midwives asked about juice- oh yeah that’s it (actually it was likely protein shakes, … Read more

Why Moms Need a Gym Membership

I’m so pleased with myself. I began to look into local gym memberships because I’ve been super lazy this pregnancy, but I’m trying to keep my weight down due to having a large baby last time. I figure it will increase my chances for the VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)  I’ve been working towards. I also … Read more

My “Happy Journal” {And the Key to Happiness}

I have been keeping my “happy journal” for the past 10 years at the suggestion of an old friend of mine. It is the opposite of the typical journal where you write all of the events in your life- good and bad- that occur. I found that while typical journaling help me get “out” the bad … Read more

DIY Post Partum Weight Loss

I had a cesarean with Baby G, after planning a natural unmedicated childbirth at a birth center. It was really disappointing, although I am happy that I got to start at the birth center and that I now know that I am capable of coping with hours of back labor unmedicated. Needless to say, my … Read more

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