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Small January Projects

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Blog Transfer #6: Some Small January Projects

This was my last batch post (until I posted all of these blog transfers!). Just to explain, I’d been working on my blog for months, but hadn’t uploaded them all yet. I was trying to put them together through iWeb, but unfortunately with the upgrade to Lion OS came some unexpected changes to iWeb… such as no more web hosting. This delayed me from posting all of those posts separately. Oh well. 

This is my sewing area which my wonderful husband put together for me. Daddy B worked hard to get it altogether. He was very likely motivated by the huge pile of sewing and craft materials scattered all over our dining room table. We have a very small place (two bedroom condo) so space is tight. But he made it work.

This is the sewing cart that I have, it’s great!

This is my small project … MamaCloth (MC).

I’ll probably freak some people out, but they’re washable pads.

The shorter ones are panty liners and the longer ones are for overnight. The longer ones have a hidden layer of Pul. The snaps help attach the MC to underwear.

These are really hideous, but it’s really hard to sew around corners on something so small and they’re my first attempts… they are just like cloth diapers in that you wash them (usually with the cloth diapers) and reuse them. I think most people rinse them off before they put them in a wetbag.

I wasn’t too stressed about the cost of feminine hygiene products, but I don’t particularly enjoy the plastic up against my skin.

I was going to just buy these because they’re a PITA to make, but I wanted to make a few to try so I could decide if it was worth the investment. I’ll let you know.

Pretty soon here, I’ll be using cloth toilet paper and cloth paper towels too, haha. I’m getting to be a huge hippy and I’m surprised at how much easier (and cheaper) some things are.

This is the tutorial for the regular pad with Pul for heavier days and this tutorial is for the panty liners.

In case you aren’t interested in sewing your own, but would like to try some mama cloth, here are some links to Mama Cloth on Amazon:

Sharing is caring!