DIY Deck Skirting to Hide Under Your Deck

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Photo of a high deck with a "skirt" (wood panels) around the bottom to hide under the deck.

How to build DIY deck skirting from wood to help hide the underneath of the deck. This is a sturdy alternative to lattice.

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Originally published July 18, 2016. Updated February 20, 2020.

We built an easy no-dig dog run area beside our deck which is awesome, but we still needed to block off the underneath of the deck so the dogs couldn’t just run around under it.

My husband decided to build a deck skirting instead of using lattice. I’m not sure which would have been cheaper- probably lattice. But he liked the look of the skirting.

How to Hide the Area Under Your Deck with DIY Deck Skirting

Wood for building a deck skirting.



  • Pressure treated 2x4s to frame under the deck
  • Pressure treated decking boards
  • Nails or screws
  • Paint or Stain that’s for exterior use

Build a Frame

This is fairly simple, but time consuming. Using the supports from the deck, my husband built a frame so he had something to hammer the vertical boards onto.

We were working on a slope which was difficult, but the 2x4s were hidden so if they’re not level, it won’t be as obvious.

Adding Skirting

Once that was built, he cut each board and spaced them evenly. As you can tell from the final pictures, the angled area and under the steps was much more difficult.

You need to make sure each board is level before you attach them to the frame.

Finish with Outdoor Paint or Stain

I went over it all with a nice blue outdoor paint. You could also use a deck stain, but whatever you use, make sure it’s weather-friendly.

Here’s the final product: 

Large view of blue dark deck skirting.

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how to hide what is under your deck with DIY deck skirting

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5 thoughts on “DIY Deck Skirting to Hide Under Your Deck”

  1. We haven't built a deck yet, but I'm keeping this in mind for when we do! Hoping it might happen by the end of summer. I like the blue agains the white of the railing.


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