Adding Name Tags to Horse Gear

Anyone else ride horses? I’ve been riding since I was about 6 years old and I just recently got back into it after a few years break having babies. I dug up my old equipment and found a couple of saddle pads. I’ve been very part leasing a horse once a week and I thought … Read more

Video Tutorial for a Fabric Aquarium Background: Sew or No Sew

I’ve had this great new aquarium that I’ve done a couple DIY or tutorial posts for in the past, including an aquarium stand update, how to clean a fish tank, and fish tank setup. I have really needed a background for the tank though because my filter tubes get gross and you can see them … Read more

Aquarium Stand Update

I received this 30 gallon aquarium and stand free off Freecycle which was pretty exciting to me. I’ve been looking for a bigger fish tank and free was the exact right price. We have spent wayyyyy too much money recently for me to justify the expense of a whole new tank. I was excited that … Read more

Anxiety Vest for Dogs, DIY

I threw this together today and wanted to share, even though I didn’t take pictures of the process. I may end up putting something together and updating later, but for now I changed the original pattern so much that it’s not even remotely close to the same thing. The whole vest is three pieces and … Read more

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