DIY Dog Halloween Costume: Police Dog

How to make a super easy Halloween costume for your dog: Police dog!  My son dressed up as a police officer and my husband as a criminal so I decided to whip up a quick costume for the puppy. He’s going as a K-9 Cop! I wanted to have the police dog look without labeling … Read more

Dog Care Chore Checklist for Toddlers {Free Printable!}

Check out this easy to use dog care chore checklist for toddlers (and older children too!). This free printable will help you engage your child in caring for the family dog, as well as serve as a reminder for adults to complete pet chores. I’m trying to get my children more involved in chores. My … Read more

Upcycled Packing Fabric to Dog Bed

When our roommate was living with us, he purchased a hammock for outdoors and these two awkward pieces of fabric came in the package. They were padded and seemed like they would do well out in the sun and weather conditions. I’ve been hoarding them. Is it weird that he knew to come to me … Read more

Anxiety Vest for Dogs, DIY

I threw this together today and wanted to share, even though I didn’t take pictures of the process. I may end up putting something together and updating later, but for now I changed the original pattern so much that it’s not even remotely close to the same thing. The whole vest is three pieces and … Read more

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