Father’s Day, Part III (Cards)

The number of times that I say, “oh I can just catch up on sleep later” just to craft is pretty ridiculous. Crafting is addicting. And so is pinterest. Today’s project was to create Father’s Day cards for Daddy B, my dad, and my father-in-law. I’ve been seeing a lot of ideas on pinterest for … Read more

DIY Electric Toothbrush Cover, Part I (Cleaning and Development)

Who has an electric toothbrush? Does it get moldy or gross inside? Mine does. I’m on my second electric toothbrush and they all seem to have the same issue. Water (and toothpaste) drips down it, enters the seams of the head of the toothbrush, and then gets down into the electronics. It’s a PITA to … Read more

Father’s Day, Chalkboard Sign

My big project for Daddy B for Father’s Day is to get some cute photos of Baby G and print them for his desk at work. I’ll be making something similar for the Grandpa’s too… gotta give Baby G’s biggest fans a picture too! Chalkboard Sign Okay so the first thing I wanted to do … Read more

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