The Great Outdoors (Our Yard), Part IV: Indoor Gardening

I’ve been keeping empty toilet paper rolls, k cups, and rotisserie chicken containers since we moved in… It’s driving Daddy B nuts and he calls where I store them all the “garbage closet.” That’s fair. I am happy to finally use the items, however, so he can quit eye rolling at my obsession over upcycling. … Read more

The Great Outdoors (Our Yard), Part III: Deck

We also opted to have someone do our deck. Too many permits required and inspections, and it was just less complicated to have it done. We’d like to do a patio beside it ourselves when we have the time/money. Long Fence did our deck. Baby G spent a lot of time waving to the guys … Read more

The Great Outdoors (Our Yard), Part II: Fence

We hired someone to put in the fence to save time as we wanted to be able to put the dogs out. It was snowing the day they came, but they managed to finish a lot of it before they had to leave, then they returned the next day. We used Mid Atlantic Fence and … Read more

The Great Outdoors (Our Yard), Part I: Composting

We spent a lot of time outside on this beautiful January weekend (long MLK Jr. weekend in January that just happened to be 50-60 degrees the whole weekend) clearing brush in our back for the fence that’s getting installed next week. We decided not to DIY on the fence or deck because we needed the … Read more

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