Basement Renovation: Basics

The first stage of our basement room renovations.

We just had our basement room finished. We decided to hire a contractor because we had the money, but not the time. We knew we’d still want to do a lot of upgrades once the drywall was up so hiring someone for the first part of the project made sense.

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Replacing Screen on Screen Door

Our screen door has taken a beating between the two dogs and our 2.5 year old so we needed to replace the screen for fear of stink bug invasions (shudder). And also, it’s driving me nuts that both the kid and the dog have been using the broken screen as a fun way to get … Read more

Converting Deep Freezer to a Refrigerator

We have a big deep freezer now as part of the food service package we signed up for (sigh, I’ll post about that stupidity later) so we don’t need our smaller deep freezer as much anymore. We decided to look into converting it into a refrigerator for extra storage and found this great blog post … Read more

Changing My Car Key Battery

I have a 2008 Toyota Prius and my batteries died on both of my key chains so I decided to finally replace the batteries. I ordered a replacement pack of 5 on Amazon: First you need to take your key out by pushing the sliding button at the top of the key set. Pull up … Read more

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