Our Fall Decorations

You won’t see too many decoration posts from me because I’m not particularly skilled in that area. At all. But my mom was visiting and got excited about decorating our house so I had my husband pull out the big container of fall decor. An hour later, this has been created. See… I would’ve taken … Read more

Filling the Manger as a New Family Tradition at Christmas

Recently I was reading a book set around Christmas and there was a family (with kids) in the book who were celebrating a tradition I’d never heard of, but LOVED. I ended up doing a bit of research on it and decided that I liked the idea better than Elf on the Shelf because Elf … Read more

DIY Christmas Photo Cards

It’s off center for our names because I erased our last name for this picture. I wanted to do Christmas cards again this year and combine them with our baby announcement, but when I started checking out different sites to make the cards I decided they might be a bit expensive to send out this … Read more

Christmas Gifts, Part II {Bowl Covers}

To go with the kitchen theme, I made bowl covers as gifts and I LOVE them. I’m not going to write up a tutorial on how I did this because this tutorial that I found was excellent. I made bowl covers for myself before and they turned out pretty horrid comparatively. They work, but alas… these are so … Read more

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