DIY Wood Slice Ornament Made from Your Christmas Tree

This project was the MOST EXCITING project that I thought up for the Deck the Home Challenge.

The best way to cut off the end is by using a chainsaw, but I also managed to use a circular saw (somewhat dangerously) to take a few cuts off a log too.

Best Way to Cut Wood Slices

Preventing Cracking and Splitting

To avoid this, soak your newly cut wood slices in wood stabilizer per the instructions on your container.

You need to cut a circular hole through the center of your wood slice. Cutting the slices was easy- getting a perfect circle in the middle was ridiculous.

Cutting the Center Hole

Setting Your Tree Needles in Resin

You’ll need resin, a heat gun to pop the bubbles, and something to keep the resin from spilling out the back.

– If you use a wood burner or a Cricut, try adding the year or details of your year to the back or front of the wood on the ornament. – Use epoxy dye to color the bottom layer of epoxy. – Try adding dried flowers! – If you have a big tree, you could make a coaster each year..

Ideas for Your Ornament

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