Plastic Playhouse Makeover

Such an easy DIY to keep this Little Tikes house out of the landfill!

Supplies for Painting a Plastic Playhouse

– Rustoleum 2x Painter’s Touch – Acrylic Paints – Mod Podge – Paint Brushes – UV Krylon UV Resistant Spray Paint in Clear – Lettering if desired – Replacement accessories – Reusable Respirator for use while spray painting  – Drop cloth or spray tent

Step 1

Take the playhouse apart. Wash and let dry.

Step 2

Order any new parts that are necessary.

Step 3

Spray paint the large areas. keep in mind that darker colors offer better coverage

Optional– You can use acrylic paints for the plastic to add detail to the playhouse.

Step 4

Danielle Pientka

Danielle is a DIY/craft/sewing blogger on  She loves to write about projects that she makes for her small farm, her children, and her home.