Learn How to Install Snaps like a Pro

Snaps are necessary for sewing cloth diapers and they’ve come in useful for other items as well.

When you get ready to add your snaps, you first want to mark your snap placement on the fabric.

Step 1

Step 2

Poke your hole with the awl through the markings for your snaps.Put your cap through the hole, adding your socket or stud to the other side of the fabric.

The flat end of the cap goes against the black portion of your snap pliers. The white/clear end goes against the socket/stud.

Step 3

Step 4

You want to do the same thing except with the opposite stud/socket on the other side. Ie. If you used a socket on the top, use a stud on the bottom or vice versa.

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Danielle Pientka

Danielle is a DIY/craft/sewing blogger on DIYDanielle.com.  She loves to write about projects that she makes for her small farm, her children, and her home.