DIY Plywood Closet Built-Ins

I tackled our master bedroom closet to make it more organized and love how it turned out. I used inexpensive plywood to make built-ins and saved a ton!

We were going to hire it out, but the quote was way over budget. So we decided to skip the upgrades and build it ourselves.  Cost Saving Tips  – White closet system (other finishes cost extra) – No customization for heights. – Skip drawers and pull out accessories – Prep the room yourself  – No special lighting

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There are a number of different trims you can purchase. I went with 1x2's. 1x2s - give you a lip to keep things from rolling off.  Veneer - iron-on pieces of thin wood that you add to the front of plywood.

Trim Options for Plywood Shelves 

Add Accessories

I chose a few accessories from Amazon that were $20 or less.  – Belt/Scarf hanger – Valet Rod – Tie Hanger

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We went with 15.5″-16″ between shelves with the units measuring 30" wide. We also added shoe shelves that are 22″ wide.  The widest shelf is 36″ wide so we can fit our rolling laundry organizer.

Measurements for Closet Built-ins

I varied the space between shelves on my shoe organizer. 17″ gap for tall boots.  13″ gap for shorter boots.  9″ gap for shoes down to 7″ towards the top, great for flip flops.

How Much Space Between Shoe Shelves?


Single closet rods should be 67-70″ from the floor.  For double rods, the first rod is placed 40″ from the floor and the second rod is 80-82″ from the floor.  The center of the rod should be around 11″ from the center of the rod to your wall.

Closet Rod Placement

I saved money on plywood by using supports for the shelves along the side wall. It also made use of small scraps of plywood left from my 4×8 sheet of plywood.

Minimizing Plywood Cost

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