DIY Electric Toothbrush Holder

I wanted to keep our electric toothbrushes and charger up a bit higher off the sink so my youngest couldn't reach them.  I had visions of him trying to clean the toilet with it!

– Wood: 1x4s – Paint/Stain of your choice: – 3M Picture Hanging Command Strips  – Screws: 1.5″ – Screwdriver- electric drill or just a hand held one. – Saw  – Jig saw or a drill/spade - 1 3/8 and 7/8 spade bits

Step 1

Start by cutting your wood. I cut my 1x4s into the following lengths: – (2) 12″ 1x4s – (2)  22″ 1x4s – (1) 9 3/4″ 1x4s

Take one of the 12″ pieces and drill a hole with your 7/8″ spade bit. You’ll need to adjust the size depending on your brush.

Step 2

Take one of your 22″ pieces and add a small half circle at the bottom back side.  This will be for your cord to go through. Sand all the holes.

Step 3

Step 4

Now it's time to build the shelves. I lined up the (2) 22″ pieces with the “cord hole” facing the back and bottom of the shelf. Measure 12″ up from the bottom to fit the base and toothbrush on top.

The 12″ mark is where your 9.75″ piece of wood will go. Put this on first, making sure to mark 12″ equally on each side.  I used two 1.5″ screws for each side to screw them into the 22″ sides.

Step 5

Now you can put your top 12″ piece on with 2, 1.5″ screws for each side. The 12″ piece goes on TOP of the 22″ pieces. Repeat for the bottom.

Step 6

All that's left is to paint your toothbrush holder shelf and add your hooks for the back!


So simple!!

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