DIY Carseat Poncho for Kids

Heavy jackets are NOT SAFE to wear under the car seat straps.  In an accident bulky layers, such as a parka or multiple layers of clothes, can compress and your child could be ejected from the car seat. Source: AAP

Jackets ARE NOT SAFE to wear in a car seat.

Children can also overheat when bundled in too many layers.  Eventually, as the car's heat kicks on, heavy layers can be too hot. It's impossible for children to shed layers when they're strapped in with them.

Other Safety Considerations

Strap children into their car seat wearing their normal clothing. Use a blanket, car seat poncho, or special car seat safe winter jacket to keep them warm.


Children can wear a poncho style jacket to and from the car.  To secure them in their car seat, lift the poncho up and secure the car seat straps around your child's normal clothing. Drop the poncho so it covers their legs. It's easy to remove if they get hot. A poncho just makes errands easier. Here's how to make your own car seat poncho!

Why a Poncho?

– Fleece - 2 Yards – Bias tape – Pins or clips – Sewing scissors – Measuring tape – Rotary cutter and cutting    mat – Sewing machine – Optional: Snaps and snap pliers GET THE FREE PATTERN ON DIYDANIELLE.COM

Materials & Tools


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Fold your fleece fabric in half- twice



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Measure your child from their neck down to the area you want your poncho to end. Mark this length on your fabric.



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Cut along these markings using scissors or a rotary cutter. Repeat for inner fabric.



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Cut the opening for your hood.



Sew the layers together.

Attach the hood.



Use bias tape to finish the raw edges

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