Using a Rotary Cutter for Sewing


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Rotary cutters are my “must-have” item for my craft room! They're like a pizza cutter for fabric!

What You Need

1. Rotary cutter 2. Self healing cutting mat 3. Quilting ruler

Cutting Mat

You can’t cut with a rotary cutter without a mat underneath.

Quilting Ruler

These are used to help cut straight lines.

Sizes of Blades

The 45mm blade is good for most projects, but smaller blades will help you get around smaller corners.

Using a Rotary Cutter

Disengage the safety and use the blade to cut the fabric, similar to a pizza cutter.

• Keep your free hand away from the path of your rotary blade. • Make sure your blade is on tight. • Cut AWAY from you.

Rotary Cutter Safety

Danielle Pientka

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