How to  Install an Easy No-Dig Fenced Dog Run in  One Day

We have a big fenced yard, but it’s gotten to a point where I just don’t want him roaming free out there.

Supplies for a DIY Fenced Dog Run

– Shovel and other gardening items. – Tiller  – Mallet – Grand Empire Fence Panel: No Dig Decorative Fence – Empire Grand Post/Stakes  – Grand Empire XL Gate

Home Depot Version of the Fencing

– Hampton Bay Empire 30 in. x 36 in. Black Steel 3-Rail Fence Panel ($19.99 each) – Empire/Westbrook 2.3 in. x 2.3 in. x 3-2/5 ft. Black Steel Fence Post ($4.98 each) – Empire/Westbrook 28 in. Black Steel Decorative Fence Gate ($27.47)

1. I used my tiller to mark out the place where I wanted my fence to go

How to Install 

2. Then you hold up your fence and put the post through the circles of the fence and into the stake circle. Push in.

3. Continue this all the way around. Two fences with connect at one stake/post of course.

4. We use a Mega Cuff to keep it closed. As you can see, he’s attempted to chew through it to no avail.

Pink Blob

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Danielle Pientka

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