How to Choose a Sewing Machine 

Where to Buy  a Sewing Machine

You can buy a sewing machine off Amazon, Costco, or at your local Walmart.

If you want a regular sewing machine, I’d recommend one with at least a straight stitch and a zig zag stitch.

Types of Sewing Machines to Buy

Regular Sewing Machine

Treadle Sewing Machine

These are the old fashioned machines- no electricity and a foot pedal.

Embroidery Machine

An embroidery machine uses designs that you buy or create on your computer to add embroidery to shirts and other products.

A serger is used for knit/stretch fabrics and it creates the nice finish that you see on a lot of edges for store-bought clothing.


It’s convenient and fast to use for hemming clothing.

Coverstitch Machine

Danielle Pientka

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