How to Clean Bath Toys in the Washing Machine

Let's face it - bath toys can get disgusting! A super easy way to wash them is right in the washing machine.  

Why Should I Clean Bath Toys?

Bath toys can get mold inside holes or crevices in the toys. They also get a grimy build-up from the moisture over time. One way to avoid this is to wash them regularly. 

Supplies for Cleaning the Bath Toys

– Mesh Laundry Bags – Dirty towels – Dirty bath toys – White vinegar – Laundry soap

How to Clean Bath Toys 

 Place all of the toys into mesh laundry bags.

Place all the toys you want to wash into a mesh laundry bag. Quick Tip Placing some towels in the machine with the toys will help keep them from banging.

How to Clean Bath Toys

Green Bulb

I use regular detergent and a rinse cycle with white vinegar.

Cleaning the Toys with Vinegar


A quick wash on cold, extra heavy, medium spin cycle, and fan dry is your best option. That's all there is to it!  Note: Hot and even steam might work better, but it could melt the plastic.

Cleaning the Bath Toys

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