DIY  Greeting Cards with the Cricut Joy

Here’s how easy it is to make your own DIY greeting cards with the Cricut Joy. This little machine is PERFECT to make quick, but fun cards.


– Cricut Joy and Accessories – Card mat – Card Set

The card mat has a thick plastic top layer. You slide the bottom half of the card under it so the machine only cuts the top of the card. 

Using the Cricut CardMat for Making Cards

Cutting the Card

Pull up the card you want to make in DesignSpace, follow the prompts to start cutting the card, and load the card in the machine.

Once this top layer is cut by your machine, you need to carefully peel up the top of the card so you don’t rip the designs.

Slide your card out. Then you slip a colored insert behind the design!

Danielle Pientka

Danielle is a DIY/craft/sewing blogger on  She loves to write about projects that she makes for her small farm, her children, and her home.