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Let me show you how to insulate a glass door to help reduce your winter electric bill and keep the drafts out!


– Duck Max Strength Roll-On Window Kit – Weather Stripping

STEP 1. Replace Weather Stripping

The first step is to replace the weather stripping on the doors. It’s an affordable option and easy to DIY.

STEP 2. Look for Structural Issues

Check your door for any structural issues. Our doors were a mess! We removed the mullion on each door- the mullion is the plastic frame around the glass portion with all the rectangles to it.

Step 3. Add Window Film

Add the window film that comes with the kit. It helps insulate glass and keep the  cold air out. First you make a U around your window with the double sided tape…

Cut your plastic to 4″ wider than the door. There’s a piece of plastic at the top that sticks to the top of the door. The other side of the double sided tape peels off so you can seal the plastic pieces to it.

The length of this went ALMOST to the bottom of my door. I had to overlap it at the bottom, using the double sided tape.

STEP 4. Shrink Wrap the Plastic

We used our hair dryer to shrink wrap the plastic. It worked great! If you’re not familiar with the process, you blow dry on hot until the wrinkles disappear!

Our basement is so much warmer, which is such a relief! When it warms up in the Spring, I can remove this and install a new layer in the Fall.

Enjoy your draft-free glass door!

I hope you found these tips helpful. You can see a video tutorial for more details with the link below.


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