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This is a fairly simple job, but it does require you to pay attention to detail.

– Shovel – Level – Tamper Tool – 2x4s – Rebar, 24″ x 3  – Rebar, 4′ x 2 – Empty mixing pan – 5000 Plus High Strength Concrete Mix x 5 – 2 Bags of Sand  – Optional: Inverted Marking Spray


Step 1: Dig

Start by digging up the soil where you want to your slab. You can measure and mark the area with Inverted Marking Spray if you prefer.

Step 2: Build a Rectangle 

Build a simple rectangle with 2x4s and place it where you want your slab.  Ensure it is level.

Step 3: Add Sand

Now you want to add your sand and tamp it down so it is nice and level.

Mix your first bag of concrete thoroughly, according to the directions on your bag. Pour into your 2×4 frame/concrete form.

Step 4: Mix Concrete

Continue to mix concrete in your mixing pan. Pour it into the frame, one bag at a time. Once you’re close to the top, stop.

Step 5: Mix Remaining Concrete

-Add your short pieces of rebar, spacing them evenly. -Add your two longer pieces of rebar, spaced evenly, on top of and perpendicular to the short pieces. -Mix and pour the last of your concrete into the frame. -Use a 2×4 or trowel to smooth out the top of your concrete. -Let harden. Concrete can take a long time to fully cure. 28 days is generally the full curing time, but 7 days is usually sufficient for heavy traffic.

Final Steps

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