How to Install Vinyl Siding

I'm giving you the DIY-friendly version of installing vinyl siding so you can easily install your own!


– Level – Hammer – Corner Trim – Vinyl Siding J Trim – Nails – Siding – Vinyl Starter Strip



Install your OSB then install your house wrap. Attach corner trim around the building’s corners.

Attach a vinyl siding starter strip that goes along the bottom of the exterior wall.



Start with your first vinyl siding plank. Hook it into your siding starter strip. Make sure the sides of your planks are behind the J trim and/or corner trim.


Nail the pieces in, but not too tightly. They will need room to move due to temperature changes. Add your last bit of trim to the top of your siding.

How to Attach Vinyl Siding Pieces

You will have to combine two pieces of siding to attach them horizontally. They will not fit without cutting the siding edge. Tin snips work great for this.

Vinyl Siding Maintenance

Vinyl siding can be washed or power washed as needed if it starts to look a bit green. Shaded areas seem more prone to this type of growth.  If your vinyl siding cracks, you should patch it as water can leak through and damage the wood behind it.

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