Tips for Garage Organization

Tired of not being able to park your car in the garage?  Here's some clever organization solutions for your garage space. 

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Don't keep items that will get destroyed or never seen in storage. If it's not useful, donate, sell, recycle, or throw it away.

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Declutter First



If you don't storage your big cans inside the garage, buy a small garbage can to keep in the garage.

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Get a garbage can.



Some items will get damaged if stored in the garage. Items like snowglobes, for example, will break/empty if the temperature drops. Store indoors.

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Separate out items to store indoors.



Don't store old paint. It goes bad and it SMELLS. Look into how to properly dispose of paint in your area.

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Toss paint cans.



Don't' want to forget paint colors? Keep track of them in a home renovation tracker.

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Don't want to forget colors?



Save space by using the ceiling to store items! This is a great option for seasonal storage.

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Get an overhead storage rack.



Add dryer sheets to bins to scare off mice and bugs. It helps. But a tight lid is important too!

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Add dryer sheets.



Labeling bins makes it easy to find what you need!

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Label Bins



Heavy and frequently used items should be easy to reach.  Light weight or infrequently used items can be up high. 

Use Plastic Bins.


Plastic can be cleaned easily and if they have a good lid, they can keep out bugs and mice. Cockroaches lay eggs in cardboard so avoid cardboard for long term storage.

Store smart.

With a little hard work, you can finally keep your car frost-free by storing it in the garage overnight this winter!

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