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We created the perfect feature wall using metal tiles on a blank wall in our kitchen. Here are some tips that may help you install your own!

Can you use metal tiles on a curved wall?

Yes! Good news - you can bend these metal tiles slightly to accommodate a  bowed or curved wall.

Do you need adhesive?

While these metal tiles have an adhesive backing, it's still a good idea to use a quality construction adhesive. It will help them stick better.

Trim Options

For this feature wall, we used Aspect stainless trim. There is a bit of a gap. You can add clear caulk if you want, but we haven't done that.

Scratched or Damage Tiles

The great thing is if you have any scratching or damage to a tile, you can use a knife to remove any damaged tiles and replace it with a similarly sized piece.


We use this wall to display our kids' artwork!

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